Raising Education through Arts, Characters, and Heroes

Shannon Larson

Mermaid Coordinator

Foundation History

mission & vision

REACH is an educational support 501c3 dedicated to improving and teaching Anti bullying, Literacy, History and Arts with interactive programs.

Assistant Director

Tyler Young


Mandy Brown

Oliver Jones

Board Member

recent programs

Currently our summer school programs are underway, including our advertising events such as the Renaissance Fair in Thanksgiving Point and Salt Lake Comic Con.

Volunteer Coordinator

TJ Harris

Crystal harris

Operations REcords

Mandy is REACH’s founder and is the director of the program. She has worked with the legal side of the program to ensure we achieved our 501c3 status as a non-profit organization. Mandy has a background in legal and business and has experience working with Utah’s elementary character schools. She has also worked with Utah’s Board of Education and stays in contact with the board, as well as parents and teachers, to help ensure that our program meets the current needs of the school system.

Finance Manager

Beau Brown

Tyler Young joined REACH in the summer of 2014. He was named the Volunteer Coordinator during the fall of 2015, as he saw the need to help the new volunteers adjust to our program and moved up at the Assistant Director January of 2017. Tyler has a vibrant personality that can be felt by all of REACH’s volunteers and that attitude spans out to the students during our lessons. He has previous experience working with youth and youth summer camps and is employed full time working with disabled adults. Tyler served a two-year mission in Washington State before moving from Texas to Utah. ​


Each year we have many people sign up to volunteer with REACH. If you are interested in joining our team, please visit the Contact Us page and fill out the form!

REACH was founded in 2013 with a mind to help schools with History, Literacy and Art Programs. A little bit into getting going, we added an our first Anti-Bullying Program taught by King Arthur which also progressed into an Everyday Superhero Program.  We believe that as the years have progressed, more and more children (and adults alike) have experienced some form of bullying at least once in their lifetime. REACH's main starting goal was to help students become more aware of how bullying not only affects the person being bullied, but also everyone close to them, including the one who is being the bully. This is what lead REACH to start going to different schools around the state of Utah. Since then, REACH has not only grown in members, but also grown in the school system. REACH firmly believes that education is an important foundation to any child, and that is what sparked the interest in teaching lessons other than anti-bullying. Thus the literacy, history, and art lessons emerged. REACH now has visited over 50 different schools to share their knowledge, doing everything in costume to make things more relatable to the children as well as the staff of the schools. If you or someone you know would like REACH to come to your school (we do homeschool groups as well) please visit our Contact Us page and fill out the form!