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We are currently looking for a small toy hauler style trailer to be donated or to raise money to purchase one to expand our STEM programs. 

We have been invited out of state for these programs & any and all help would be greatly appricaited!

Please Donate Below or Email us at UtahReach@gmail.com to help.

Raising Education through Arts, Characters, and Heroes (REACH) is a registered 501c3, non-profit organization for educational support. We run interactive educational programs in various schools around the state, teaching anti-bullying, literacy, history and art. All of our educational programs are done in full costume, whether in character costumes or hero costumes.REACH was founded in February 2013, and since then, we have taught our lessons to over 100 different classes. We have also worked booths at the Salt Lake City Comic Con, Salt Lake City FanX, Fantasy Con, LTUE, Steamfest, and many other conventions to raise awareness for our cause and programs. We put our booths in these conventions and events to raise not only awareness but also money to help fund our lessons, to continue to do them free of charge to schools.


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We host a number of events that are educational as well as a lot of fun. We have several different areas for learning at each event and it is all live and interactive, keeping the learners attention and helping them retain more of what they are learning. If you are interested in joining out team, please click on the Contact Us page and fill out the form! We would love to have you!

Urgent Projects

REACH is an educational support 501c3 dedicated to teaching Anti bullying, Literacy, History and Arts with interactive programs. If you wish to donate to our cause, and help fund our lessons, please feel free to do so with the link on the bottom right corner.

If you or your business would like to sponsor us, please email us at UtahReach@gmail.com



We are always looking for more volunteers and sponsors to help us in achieving our goal of bringing interactive Anti-Bullying Programs, History, Art and Literacy to schools and educational groups.

We would love to come teach at your school or program, or even help out with your school fundraiser or event.

Contact us today to have us come out and work with you or if you would like to volunteer or help our programs!