Raising Education through Arts, Characters, and Heroes

We bring in various super heroes (such as Spiderman, Batman, or Wonder Woman) to teach that every person has a super hero inside. We also teach that being a super hero is more than just putting on a costume or having a super power. We teach that a true hero is the person behind the mask and the qualities they have.

Be a Hero

Learning Immersion

Every Day Super Hero

We currently offer a wide variety of lessons teaching History, Literacy, Art, STEM and the topic of Anti-Bullying. All of lessons are customized to fit the needs of each school and classroom, and are taught by our characters. We can tailor each lesson to be taught in either a small classroom setting or an assembly style setting. We bring all of our supplies for the lessons. Here are some of the programs that we currently offer:

If you have a lesson you would like us to help with, we will gladly customize our programs the need of your classroom. We teach our lessons to public, charter and private schools, home school, church and community groups! If you are interested in any or all of our lessons, please visit our Contact Us page and fill out the form! Remember, all our programs are taught free of charge, we operate fully on donations and sponsors. If you wish to help us out with a donations, please visit our home page and use the donation option on the lower right corner.



Use your


We currently offer basic lessons in Siege weapon history, including the science, technology and math behind them. This lesson, kids get to use and fire siege weapons and make their own mini catapults.

We currently offer interactive lessons in Siege weapons, Pirates, including Pirate History, Map Making and Pirate Flags, the Medieval Time period and Renaissance time period. These lessons are taught by various characters. We can also tailor these lessons to match your classroom curriculum.


We currently offer basic lessons in Renaissance art using Michelangelo. We construct an art challenge to show students how difficult it was for him to paint the Sistine Chapel. We will also be opening up a few art contests to the students.

We offer a creative writing class, where we emerge the students into a story line and have them finish out. Striking the imagination and helping them learn to use it. We also bring characters to read out loud to the students to help ensure their love for reading and bring the stories to life.


King Arthur and his Knights come into your schools and classrooms to teach about the topic of anti-bullying. We not only teach how to deal with a bully, but also teach how bullying affects everyone involved. We help the students to believe in themselves and follow their dreams. And no matter what anyone things, they can achieve them by believing in themselves and helping others.


King Arthur Anti-Bullying